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ReHarvest London

Welcome! Let's rescue food together! 

Below you will find a list of food rescues - sign up is as easy as a click of a button! Once you sign up, you will receive a volunteer waiver form which we ask that you return before your first food rescue. We encourage all volunteers to make a commitment of the same 30 minute to 1-hour shift per week for a minimum of 1 month (although an exception is if there are gaps of less than 1 month between existing sign ups, in which case, please feel free to sign up for these!).

If there are no shifts available, please send an email to volunteer[city]@reharvest.ca* so we can notify you when there are spots available!

If you cannot make your shift, please return to this page and remove your name from the volunteer slot as soon as you can so we can find another driver to fill in that spot. Alternatively, please let us know by sending an email to volunteer[city]@reharvest.ca if you would be interested in being a backup driver. Rest assured that this is not a firm commitment - by adding your name to the list, you will be notified if a backup driver is needed, but you have no obligation to fill in for the slot if you're otherwise busy. The purpose of this is just to try to redistribute as much food as we can even when volunteers have to cancel.

*for example, London’s email is volunteerlondon@reharvest.ca

We're constantly growing, so if you have any suggestions for food-education programs to support, businesses that are willing to donate, or any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

ReHarvest London

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