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ReHarvest London

Welcome! Let's rescue food together! 

If there are no shifts available, please send an email to volunteer[city]@reharvest.ca* so we can notify you when there are spots available!

We hope and encourage all volunteers to make a commitment of the same 30 minute to 1-hour shift per week, for a minimum of 1 month - this makes it logistically easier for us and allows you to build a stronger relationship with the nonprofit whose work you’re supporting. 

Please notify us of cancellations as soon as possible - we’d appreciate a 4 day notice if possible.

If you are unable to commit for one month but are still interested in volunteering with us, we would still love your support! Please email us at volunteer[city]@reharvest.ca* with your availability and we may be able to schedule you into unfilled shifts. Alternatively, let us know if you would be available as a backup driver on a certain day/part of the day every week - backup drivers help ensure that our donations get to where they need to be when the initial driver cancels. 

*for example, London’s email is volunteerlondon@reharvest.ca

We're constantly growing, so if you have any suggestions for food-education programs to support, businesses that are willing to donate, or any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

ReHarvest London


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