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Our Story

VolunteerSpot Founder and CEO Karen Bantuveris and daughter

Karen Bantuveris, a management consultant working-mom, became a Girl Scout leader and PTA board member once her daughter entered school. Shocked at all the ‘little things’ that made volunteering a hassle, and fueled by frustration with reply-all emails, clipboards, online groups, and late night reminder messages...she decided to do something about it.

VolunteerSpot launched in Spring, 2009 with the mission of enabling ANYONE to quickly mobilize and coordinate volunteers in their community, congregation and social network. VolunteerSpot's simple sign up application makes it easy for people to join together and say YES to volunteering. No waiting for approvals and passwords, no software to install, just easy, free scheduling and sign up tools for everyday heroes making a difference.

VolunteerSpot is used by millions of people across the U.S. and around the world.  It's not just for volunteering anymore but for organizing all the people and things you care about. See who loves us - click here.


VolunteerSpot Philosophy

At VolunteerSpot, we believe that people should be rewarded for stepping forward and sharing their time and talents with those in need. All too often, volunteering means putting up with a certain amount of hassle or frustration - whether that is late night emails, reply-all messages, reminder phone calls, or searching for a parking space. We provide FREE tools that simplify volunteering, powering good works in schools and communities. We can't find you a parking place, but with VolunteerSpot, DOING GOOD just got easier!


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