Free Webinar: How Learning a Second Language Can Help Expand Your Teen's World

Join us Wed. 1/25/17 at 12p ET

The benefits of learning a second language for teens are endless—from the practical benefits of making their college applications stand out and preparing them for future careers, to the expansion of their worlds and minds to new cultures and different ways of life. Middlebury Interactive’s Summer Language Academies and SignUp.com are excited to announce a free 1-hour webinar with Q & A for parents who are interested in summer immersion programs for their kids in grades 8-12.

In this FREE webinar, parents will hear from the SignUp.com CEO and Founder about her valuable immersion experience while studying abroad as a young adult, as well live interviews with a parent of a student who attended Middlebury Interactive's Summer Language Academies and Middlebury Interactive’s Enrollment Manager, Kim Cook. 


During the webinar they'll cover topics including:

  • Why is it important for teens to learn a second language?
  • What does an immersion experience involve?
  • What additional cultural experiences do students have outside of learning a language?
  • Is traveling abroad safe?
  • What are good talking points with my child?
  • How do we choose between study abroad and domestic immersion?

Karen Bantuveris, CEO

Kim Cook, Enrollment Mngr.
Middlebury Interactive

Iris Halpern
Summer Academy Parent


The mother of a former Middlebury Interactive's Summer Language Academies student will share her first person testimonial about what this life-changing experience meant for her teen—the incredible confidence gained, and the in-depth language ability acquired. A Q & A at the end will help parents understand what language immersion might look like for their teen, and decide whether it’s something worth investigating further. Learn more >