The Fall & Holiday Fundraiser for Everyone

Thanks to See’s Candies for sponsoring our sweet post on making fundraising easy!

You’re in deep - you lead the Scout troop, the kids are kicking off the soccer season, work commitments keep coming and you have a strong say with the PTO organization as a key contributor. The upcoming holidays are on your mind too: gifts, parties, school concerts and food - always need to have good food to keep everyone happy (Right? Right!).

The current planning priority and PTO buzz - what should we do for the Fall Fundraiser? In classic manage-it-all, ‘Mom of the year’ style, you’re wanting a fundraiser that doubles up the win for you. Find your Fall/Holiday fundraiser BFF in See’s Candies, earning up to 50% in profits! For almost 100 years, See’s Candies has been creating your favorites - time to fundraise with the pros and knock out a season seamlessly!

Easy for Everyone

See’s Candies has been the leader in fundraising because the product is too good to resist, and because they make it easier than ever to get started and finish strong! Simply request the free fundraising materials here, rally the troops and let the orders roll in with up to 50% profits!

Additional FREE materials, like checklists and digital graphics, to support you and your team’s efforts can be found here. AND they have local Reps to give you personalized service!

Gifts = Fundraising Dollars

Festive chocolate assortment box sets are perfect for a party host, those famous Toffee-ettes you have been sharing with your sister since grade school, Uncle Bill’s favorite Peanut Brittle, and classic chocolate bars and butterscotch Lollypops make for great stocking stuffers. You’ll find your holiday shopping is cut in half by contributing to your own fundraiser. If you’re seeking a sales tip, push some nostalgia to potential supporters too. Everyone can stock up on sweet memories of See’s Candies while the fundraising dollars stack up!

Kick off your Fundraiser this Fall with See’s Candies! Learn more, order forms, get all the tools you need right here.