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Tiger Preschool Lesson Plan

This plan introduces children to basic information about tigers through simple facts, an art activity, books, and fun songs. Enjoy this daycare lesson plan all about tigers. Tiger lesson plan works well in conjunction with a preschool unit with a theme about zoo animals. Thanks to the Coursework writing service for this lesson plan.

Basic Lion Facts

Here are some basic facts about lions to share with children:

Tigers are feline mammals.

Tigers are found in grasslands, swamps and tropical forests.

Tigers are tawny with black stripes

A baby tiger is called a cub.

Preschool Paper Plate Lion Craft

Create this cute paper plate tiger with children:


Paper plate

Orange paint

Paint brush

Black permanent marker

Construction paper




Paint a paper plate orange. Once this has dried, draw black stripes on the paper plate with a black permanent marker. Draw and cut out eyes and a nose from construction paper and glue them on to create the tiger's face. Glue small pieces of wool in the shape of a mouth. Allow to dry completely.

Preschool Tiger Song

Teach the children the song “I’m a Little Tiger”

I'm a Little Tiger

To the tune of “I'm a Little Teapot”

I'm a little tiger in the jungle.

Here are my stripes.

Here is my tail.

When I get excited you will see

Just how loud that I can growl.

*Tiger song is taken from Teachers Essay Help Stuff.

Optionally preschool teachers may add writing and literacy activities as well as a math or dramatic play activity to the lesson plan. Lesson plans that teach basic concepts should be simple and fun.

Tiger Preschool Lesson Plan

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