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Defcon Furs

Interested in helping at Defcon Furs 2019?

As a community-driven event, Defcon Furs would not be possible without the work of volunteers. The organizers have worked hard to build a fun and exciting agenda. In order to execute this event and make it successful, we’re seeking additional Animal Control Officers (volunteers) to help with the tasks on the four days of the event + two days of setup/teardown

All volunteers who contribute 2 shifts or more also qualify for our gift pack

  • A DEFCON Furs PCB badge (non-electronic) w/staff lanyard
  • A DEFCON Furs volunteer exclusive badge face
  • A Queercon badge (non-electronic)
  • A DEFCON Furs Animal Control (Staff) shirt
  • A DEFCON Furs year exclusive Challenge Coin

If you have it in you to sign up for more than two shifts, we would be forever grateful

Defcon Furs

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