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参访道场预约 Temple visit booking

  1. 所有访客必须提前一天预约。
    All visitors are required to book at least one day in advance.
  2. 每次预约来访不得超过8个人。
    Max 8 pax in one group.
  3. 来访道场逗留时间每人限制30分钟。
    Visiting is limited to 30 minutes.
  4. 访客必须遵守政府新冠肺炎疫情防疫条规:量体温、戴口罩、消毒双手、保持一米安全距离。
    All visitors are required to take temperature, wearing mask at all time, senitise their hands before enter and maintain 1m safe distancing.
  5. 访客一律采用“合力追踪”(TraceTogether)应用程序(APP)或防疫器(token)进行SafeEntry登记进场。
    Visitors are required to register SafeEntry via TraceTogether app or token.

# of spot = # of pax

注:道场参访预约不包括参加法会。Temple visit does not include Dharma Services.

参访道场预约 Temple visit booking