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JA Volunteering Opportunities

Did you know that the life changing Junior Achievement programs are delivered by volunteers? Now, more than ever, we need volunteers in the classroom! Students are excited to have your fresh perspective and view of the world. Please sign up today! Some schools have their programs delivered in a one-day JA in a Day, volunteers go into the classroom for 4-5 hours and teach a whole program. Other schools have volunteers come in for one 30-45 minute lesson once a one week for 5-7 weeks to teach the program. We also have a few special events later in the year that need lots of volunteers. JA provides all materials and training is provided for new volunteers where you will learn more about JA, what to expect in the classroom and tips and tricks about the curriculum. Please sign up or call our education team at (260) 484-2543 if you’d like more information on the schools for which you can be a weekly volunteer.

JA Volunteering Opportunities

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