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Tempe Christian Preschool - PAC

Tempe Christian Preschool - Parent Action Community (PAC)

We will be using signup.com to organize volunteers for events!  Check out the opportunities and get involved where ever you can :)  If there's a way you'd like to participate that isn't included in any of our signups, please reach out to the Executive Board by emailing pac@tempechristianpreschool.org

Many thanks,

Rachel & Kayla

Rachel Zerull, PAC President

Kayla Machado, PAC Vice President

TCPS PAC Mission

Our mission is to enrich the experiences of all TCPS students, teachers, and families through community involvement. 


  • We value each member of the TCPS community

  • We value positivity, encouragement, and loving support of our community

  • We value each contribution from our community, no matter the size

  • We value achievable objectives over lofty goals

  • We value clear roles and responsibilities, with personal accountability

  • We value having a large team by creating volunteer opportunities with differing levels of commitment

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