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AfrikaBurn 2022 - Volunteer Shifts

Thank you for checking out how you can get involved at AfrikaBurn 2022. It's a new year, with a new site, and a new Tankwa Town. We're going to our new forever home in the Tankwa - Quaggafontein. And we need help, gosh. This year there's so much more to do (and less people to do it).

You will get so much more out of your experience, and you'll meet the most interesting and odd folk. Volunteering in Tankwa Town will change your life - one way or another - if you put in the work.

If you need to get in touch with our team, contact volunteers@afrikaburn.com - and for other questions, mail info@afrikaburn.com. Our new repository of all knowledge is Quaggapedia, and you can find that over here: https://quaggapedia.afrikaburn.com (if you have information you want to add to it, mail quaggapedia@afrikaburn.com). Our older website, but still very valid in lots of ways is here: https://www.afrikaburn.com

AfrikaBurn 2022 - Volunteer Shifts