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High School Fundraising/Volunteer Needs

SignUp.com is free. If you wish to give PHAST permission to email you updates, access reports on your volunteer hours, log your hours, and pick your favorite groups to follow (so you only see what you want to see) you will need to create a log in. It's fast and easy to use on any electronic device.

What counts for volunteer hours?
-Your child helps you make the meal that is double the volunteer hours.
-Time spent purchasing, making, and transporting the donated items all count.
**Purchase using Amazon Smile or with your Smiths Rewards = money for schools. ** Boxtops App to double up your Boxtops and find deals.
***PLEASE log your Volunteer Hours. 40 logged hours per family = Grant $ for our schools. 

Other Schools or Classrooms:
*Elementary Needs* 
*Junior High Needs*
*High School Needs*
*Individual Classroom Needs* (Not Available Yet) 

*Library Fundraiser til October 6th

*Golf Tournament Golfers til Oct 21st. Donations and Sponsor see sign up below or email.

High School Fundraising/Volunteer Needs