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Intelligent Exercise Ypsilanti

Intelligent Exercise Ypsilanti is a full service training center with over 30 years of combined experience in sport specific training. We analyze players movement patterns and teach them the proper mechanics to become faster and stronger at their sport.  In addition to our training we also offer sports therapies such as cupping, kinseo taping, graston and cold laser therapy.

Training's to include proper use of Jaeger bands and hand eye drills. Team training and Private sessions will include a workout for the coach to continue throughout the week. 

Training Prices:

Group Classes

Gold Members- Group Class $13 

Non-Members- Group Class $22

Private Session

Gold Members- Private Session $70

Non-Members- Private Session $80

Includes workout for player to complete during the week


Team Training- $145 per team session includes workout for coach to complete during the week. Contact Michelle at michelle@intelligentexercise.net to schedule your team sessions.

Have Questions? We have Answers... 

Call or text Michelle at 734-219-5102 or email michelle@intelligentexercise.net 

Intelligent Exercise Ypsilanti

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