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Leonardtown Middle School PTA

Welcome to the LMS PTA Volunteer Opportunities and Signups!

This page will be updated throughout the school year with different volunteer opportunities for LMS PTA as well as school sponsored events. Some LMS Staff members prefer to find their own volunteers, so all opportunities at Leonardtown Middle School may not be listed here.  Please see the blue section at the bottom of this page called "SignUps" to find volunteer opportunities - be sure to check back as they will be updated as needs arise. If you have any questions about volunteering at LMS, please contact Chris Mitchell, LMS PTA Volunteer Coordinator, at asklmspta@gmail.com

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From LMS Website regarding Volunteering at any SMCPS facility: 

All volunteers must be approved through SMCPS by performing a mandatory background check. Please follow the link below to start the approval process if you are not already approved. If you had children in the SMCPS last year, your security check renews automatically.


Security Reminder: All staff members and volunteers are required to check in at the front office and wear and display an identification badge or sticker label at all times. Please contact the Department of Safety and Security if you have any questions, 301-475-4256.

Leonardtown Middle School PTA

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