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St. Cecilia’s Advent Giving Tree

2021 St. Cecilia’s Advent Giving Trees

This year’s Advent Giving Trees have arrived. Your gift will bring tidings of comfort and joy this Christmas to many people in our neighborhood.

The physical Giving Tree is located in the church again this year. As in previous years, there are once again tags to be removed from this physical tree to benefit a portion of the gift requests from the various agencies that have requested to participate and receive gifts for the local residents they serve. Tags can be taken from the tree in the narthex and gifts delivered following the instructions on the tags.

The remaining gift requests are presented here in this Virtual Giving Tree. Some gifts may be purchased via the web and others directly from the store from which the gift card was requested. Directions are provided in each gift descriptions.


  • Select your gift(s) and follow instructions for shipping. Be sure to include the listed c/o (‘in care of’) information.
  • For Gift Cards choose a physical card vs. an ‘E-card’ (electronic) card. (Project Hope is an exception to this rule)
  • Any online seller can be used or you may purchase the gift at a store and mail it.
  • Parish drop-off for gifts is limited.  Please read the description to see if this is an option for the gift you choose.  If bringing a gift to the parish be sure to clearly indicate the agency it is for.
  • If the gift is unavailable or out of stock, a gift card may substituted 
  • Please order and ship gifts so it will arrive at the listed agency or the Parish before Wednesday, December 15th.
St. Cecilia’s Advent Giving Tree

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