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2018 Fireman's Fair Community Events

Fair Chairman and firefighter Ed Cetron said, "Every night we'll have a fun contest on stage… like our own version of the Nathan's hot dog eating contest... and in the gazebo we'll have a good old- fashioned community contest for best pie... or jams... jewelry... and art. It'll sure be fun to discover how many talented neighbors you have!"

Each of the fair's nights will have two different types of competitions. Each night has a special Community Sponsor – The Board of Education on Tuesday; The Young Leo’s on Wednesday; The Arts Council on Thursday; and Eastpointe Gym on Saturday.

The outdoor Food Court will be home to competitions featuring feats of skill such as:

      Pie Eating Contest or Who’s Smarter Than A 5th Grader

While meanwhile, under the gazebo, there will be a different type of contest -- these featuring the arts such as

      Pie making; and an Art Contest about the Fireman’s Fair and the Community

2018 Fireman's Fair Community Events