Most Fun After-Prom Activities

18 Ideas + Tips for Prolonging the Magic of Prom Night

Whether your kid is all-in on prom or hesitant about the hoopla – it’s a special milestone evening and rite of teen passage. As parents, we want them to have the BEST MAGICAL time and also have our kids (and every one of their classmates) get home safely. Planning an after-prom activity takes some of the guesswork and risk out of the night. If you’re looking to keep the party going or planning a “wind down” event after prom, we’re sharing fresh and fun ideas for helping the special teen(s) in your life make some forever memories.

Most Fun After-Prom Activities

Ideas for Post-Prom Activities

Arcade Action: Check with your local arcade about renting out the entire place for your crew, or contact an arcade machine rental company if you want set up in your own space.

Bonfire: Organize a bonfire – head to a nearby beach or host your event in a backyard with a fire pit. Gather blankets, folding chairs, and supplies for roasted marshmallows and s’mores! Pro Tip: Keep safety and legalities in mind – click here for helpful info.

Bowling Competition: Many cities have open all-night bowling alleys. Reserve a few lanes (or the whole space) for your after-prom fun. Put a spin on this classic activity by adding a level of complication to the game. Who is the best at bowling backwards, through someone else’s legs, or with their non-dominant hand?

Citywide Photoshoot: In an age of selfies and Instagram, an after-prom photoshoot is the perfect way to continue prom night festivities! Select iconic spots throughout your (or a nearby) town or city, and organize a carpool to visit each one. Take turns using smartphone cameras, or use a site like Candidly or Snappr to hire a professional photographer to capture the crew.

Dance Party: Keep the party going by throwing an after-prom dance parTAY at home or at a rented party venue. Check with local restaurants or clubs to find one willing to host a music-filled post-prom event.

Escape Room: Crank up the excitement with an epic escape room adventure – the thrill of decoding clues, solving puzzles, and racing against the clock with your besties by your side will be an event to remember. It's not just an after-party, it's an after-prom quest! 

Game-a-thon: For the Fortnite or Rocket League crew and other gamer teens, host an overnight video game-a-thon with their favorite games.

GNI (Girls Night In): Invite all your besties over for an after-prom slumber party, dish session, and movie night.

Karaoke: No karaoke machine necessary – just use your phone or tablet as your karaoke audio source! Simply download a free karaoke app like Smule or Yokee, buy or borrow a microphone, and connect to a bluetooth speaker for a rockin’ good time.

After Prom Pool Party SignUp

Late-Night Dining: Find a restaurant or local diner that’s open late and invite your besties to join you for a mellow post-prom meal and hang.

Laser Tag: Burn off that post-prom energy with a few games of laser tag! Contact your local laser tag venue to book some late-night sessions or rent everything you need to host your own event.

Midnight Swim: Host an after-prom pool party at your or a friend’s backyard pool, or book the public swimming pool for your event.

Movie Viewing: Rent a theater for a private viewing or host a movie-a-thon at home for a great way to unwind after prom. Remember the popcorn and movie candy!

Nighttime Stroll: Take a late night walk with your friends (and date, if you paired up for the event). Visit favorite spots that your group will forever hold near and dear to their hearts.

Poker or Blackjack Tournament: Set up a bunch of tables in your basement or backyard (weather permitting) and host a card players’ tournament. Pro Tip: Be sure to organize other fun activities for guests after they are booted out of the tournament.

Roller Skating: Head to the local skating rink – prom attire, prom date, friends, and all! 

Sponsored Event: Many schools, churches, and community groups host after-prom events like overnight lock-ins or casino nights – check out the options in your area.

Stargazing: Grab your telescope, binoculars, and friends; then head to the highest point in your area for some post-prom stargazing.

Tips for Having the MOST After-Prom Fun

Whatever after-prom activity you decide to host:
  • Involve your teen and their friends in planning so everyone is on board.

  • Be sure to record the festivities for future laughs and nostalgia!

  • Add photo props to the mix for even more fun photo ops.

  • Set the mood by creating a playlist of your teen’s favorite tunes.

  • Make or order food and drinks to be ready when your teen crew arrives at the post-prom party destination. 

  • Reduce driving risk when possible – even with your crew sober, it doesn’t mean others are.

  • Provide discreet chaperones, a smartphone breathalyzer (in case the punch was spiked), and ensure all kids know the signs of alcohol poisoning and what to do if it happens to a friend.

  • Use SignUp to recruit party helpers and to get family and friends to pitch in on supplies.


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