Bring congregation members together to make great things happen with free, online SignUp sheets for churches, temples, and faith groups. Save time coordinating ministry meals and potlucks, ushers, greeters, service days, fundraisers, mission trips, you name it. Build your SignUps in minutes, invite Participants via email or social media (they never need a password), and rely on eCalendar syncing and automated reminders to keep everyone on track.


Church Events and Activities Planning Center

Church Activities & Events Planning Center

The go-to resource for church leaders looking for fresh ideas, planning tips, and incredible outcomes!




 We need 14 volunteers every week to staff our free church breakfast - your website makes it so easy to coordinate and remind people!

~ Liz Cooper, Volunteer Coordinator, Cleveland, OH

 In working with parents to find time for children to volunteer at church, your website made it so much easier for families. Thank you for being a wonderful resource that makes volunteering a more positive experience! 

~ Susan Raia., Children's Ministry, San Antonia, TX


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