Need to coordinate meals for a group of friends, family members, company or organization? FOOD NOT FLOWERS is partnering with SignUp.com to make it easy to organize meals for a group. Whether you’re ordering meals from us or cooking your own, SignUp.com gives you FREE access to a shared calendar and automated reminders so everyone knows who’s sending what and when.



" I set up a meal circle for my mom after knee surgery and shared the SignUp with her neighbors. Within 24 hours we had 3 weeks of meals planned and neighbors to visit, drive her to appointments and help with yard work. SignUp.com was Amazing - Thank You! "

~ Sarah D., Dallas, TX


" The BEST baby gift ever! Thanks SignUp.com - I don't know how we would have managed the first month of new parent life with twins without great colleagues planning a meal calendar for us. "

~ Aubrey J., Decatur, GA


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