3 Great Ways to Involve the Entire Family in your Fundraiser

Fundraising Ideas for Schools, Teams and Nonprofits

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The real recipe to fundraising success? Bringing families together. Whether it’s around a warm meal or getting out together for a Fun Run or carnival, great fundraisers bring families together, for GOOD! Check out these 3 top ways to focus on family with your next fundraiser:

Three Ways to Involve Families in Fundraising

1. Family Dinner! Eating out is always a special treat for kids, but what if 20% of your family’s check could actually go back as profit to your child’s school? That can add up to a lot of dough, fast! Programs like Panda Express Night bring the worlds of delicious, easy dining and giving back, together. It’s easy for schools to sign up online (no paperwork needed!), nearly 2,000 Panda Express restaurants participate (so it’ll be easy to find one near you), free promotional material downloads are provided by Panda Express, and you can hold one as frequently as once as a month.

Parents love not having to worry about dinner, and the opportunity to dine at a family-friendly restaurant and donate to your child’s school is an obvious win-win. Learn more today!

2. Family Game Night! A low-cost, high reward school community event like Family Game Night is another great way to focus on family time and raise money for your school. Designate a day and time for your event that works for school families, like a Thursday or Friday evening. Encourage families to donate or lend gently used board or card games from their homes for the event and set up multiple tables where various families can play. Ask for a donation or charge admission at the door, provide inexpensive snacks and beverages, and hold a raffle where families attending can purchase tickets for a chance to win a brand new board game for their home.

3. Family Photos! No matter what type of fundraiser you are hosting, be it a Panda Express Night or a winter carnival, there are always great photo opportunities to be had. Forget the expensive photo booth rentals - set up your own DIY backdrop by hanging a colorful or patterned sheet or curtain on a wall and having lots of jumbo sized props on hand. Designate a couple parent volunteers to be on hand to take photos for your school families with their own phones or cameras - or have a shared camera for the school, and post the photos later on a private album on Facebook, Flickr or your school’s website!