Spring Fundraiser: A New Beginning

Thanks to our Sponsor, See's Candies, for this fresh fundraising post!

We know. We know. You haven't even fallen off the New Year's Resolution train yet and here we are wanting to talk to you about mouthwatering, rich, delectable, decadent chocolate. The kind that melts in your mouth and releases the same endorphins that mimic the sensation of falling in love.

Spring Fundraiser A New Beginning

Wait, wait! Hear us out before you stick your fingers in your ears and start singing, "LA LA LA LA, I CAN’T HEAR YOU!"

Let's just have a quick convo about Spring Fundraisers. Did you know that Valentine's Day is coming up and you're about to be surrounded by candy in colors and textures not found in nature? Chocolate that is mass-produced in factories and contains gosh-knows-what all. And we're not wishing this on you at all, but odds are that when you give into temptation, it's going to be for something that’s handy and convenient and not at all worthy of the sacrifice you're currently making.

What if, just this year, you only let yourself eat Valentine's Day chocolate that's truly special and worthy of you? And what if the chocolate you allow yourself is also the gift you give to other people AND helps you raise money for a cause you care about deeply? And what if the chocolate is sublime --did we mention that already?

Here's the thing: the Spring Fundraiser is a fact of life now. We live in a world where there is more competition for donor dollars than ever before, and it's up to us to sell a quality product that people actually want if we want our fundraiser to be successful. See's Candies has been changing the world in the sweetest way through its fundraising programs for decades. By partnering with organizations, providing them with a quality, American-made product to sell and the support needed to do so, AND allowing them to keep up to 50% of the profits, See's has become the perfect vehicle for fundraising for good causes.

Chocolate is never out of season, so it's possible to stock up on gift certificates and chocolates at a See's fundraiser for giving to other discerning dieters or people you know who need a little pick-me-up. Teachers appreciate it. The people who work on your house or office or lawn or, well, YOU will appreciate it. It makes a great hostess gift. It makes a great thank you gift. It makes a great gift when you don't know exactly what to give. And, it makes a great dessert for a brunch or dinner!

Plus, See's makes it such an easy fundraiser to implement. The company provides real support in the form of live humans to help you, all of the marketing materials you need, and a straightforward profit structure. Go here to find out more!

Here's a tip in case you really are determined to keep those New Year's Resolutions: Designate some See's Candies for upcoming dinner parties and hostess gifts. They might fail at keeping their New Year's Resolutions, but you won’t. Gift on!