Triple Win: Support Your School, Family Time, Easy Dinner

Thanks to Panda Express for sponsoring this post!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have dinner taken care of while you sit down with the kids – all while knowing you’re supporting your kids’ school? Here’s your chance to do just that as Panda Express  creates a triple win for parents to help contribute to their school’s fundraising efforts. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Pick your Panda and Create a Goal

With Panda Express in your corner it’s easy to make this fundraiser a strong success. Start with booking your fundraiser online here. You can book your fundraiser anytime from two weeks to six months ahead of time at one of the nearly 2,000 locations available.

2.Tell Everyone About It!

Panda Express makes supporting your fundraiser simple! With digital or PDF flyers, you can spread the word about the time, location and fundraiser goal with school parents easy. Social media and local news outlets are also great ways to amplify your invitation for the community to participate – read more.

3.Time to Eat!

After you have set up the fundraiser event, all you have to do is show up! When the event flyer is presented, 20% of supporters and fundraiser attendees’ purchases are donated to your school’s fundraiser – it’s that simple! So you get to sit down for a prepared meal, have some family time and support your school!

Parents are the ultimate multi-taskers these days – make your efforts a triple win when you host a fundraiser for your school partnered with Panda Express.

Bonus: Panda Express is offering a limited-time deal to the first 200 groups to sign up for a fundraising night – get 2 free meal certificates to hand out or raffle off to school parents! Simply email fundraisercenter@pandarg.com once you have completed your event request, to claim the certificates.