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SLVHFH Volunteer Program

Thank you for your interest in our volunteer opportunities! 

Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity greatly relies on the hard work and dedication given by all of the volunteers & donors who partner with us and we have many ways for you to offer your support. 

Please consider participating in SLVHFH‘s Corporate Build Day - a program that makes charitable giving simple and effective through a two-pronged approach toward accomplishing our mission: Volunteers – provide donated labor to the construction of Habitat homes, keeping building costs low - creating affordable housing; and Monetary Donations – provide financial assistance to the purchase of tools and construction materials - needed by the volunteers.

For a monetary donation of $3,000.00, you receive: a day of service at our build site for up to 15 of your employees; recognition on our social media pages (our Facebook page has nearly 14,000 followers!); recognition on our website; recognition on Corporate Day Information distributed to other donors, companies and foundations within the community; the opportunity to display your company’s banner on the construction site; lunch catered on site, and a Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity Volunteer T Shirt, for every participant. 

Take a day out of the office and watch your team work together as they communicate, cooperate and collaborate on various projects while gaining the confidence and skills to lay bricks, pound nails, raise walls – and create hope. 

Decide, Build, Empower

Contact me directly if you would like to participate as a Corporate Build Day sponsor.

Kandace Diggs


SLVHFH Volunteer Program

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