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VV Habitat for Humanity - VOLUNTEER NOW!

Thank you for your interest in our wonderful volunteer opportunities. You are a part of empowering families who are willing to work hard to achieve their dream of home ownership. Everyone in our community wins when Verde Valley Habitat develops and sells affordable housing to qualified families. 

If you have any questions about volunteering with Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity, please contact:

Cindy Kofile, Volunteer Coordinator at (928) 649-6788

Please Note: All volunteers will need to complete a simple volunteer application and waiver to work on a Habitat for Humanity job site. We appreciate your assistance in completing this task and keeping our job sites a safe and wonderful experience for all!

ADMIN = Administration/clerical work for the Affiliate

CHRP = Critical Home Repair Projects

CH = Cherry Hill; Our current Habitat home build

REST = ReStore volunteer work

VV Habitat for Humanity - VOLUNTEER NOW!

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