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Compass Christian Church

We believe Life is a Journey and  we are all fellow travelers, like individual puzzle pieces, we do not fit the same, think the same, feel the same, or act the same.  Together we create a beautiful picture, a tapestry of trustworthy friendships; that help each other navigate the highs, lows, and road hazards of life. 

We are a Disciples of Christ Community which believes that a church should be more than a building, it is our mission to help our community both locally, regionally and globally. Our values are unity (where all are welcome), liberty (each of us has our own journey), diversity, helping hands community service, and love. We believe Jesus teaches us to respect and welcome all and judge none. 

From time to time we will post ways in which you can volunteer to make a difference in someone's life.  

You do not have to be a member of this church, faith, or pick another category that might divide us.  All are welcome to help.



Compass Christian Church

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