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Owhiro Bay Fair 2019

The Owhiro Bay Country Fair is our school and kindergarten's main fundraiser each year, and it has raised up to a massive $28,000 in past years.

There are lots of ways you can contribute: both before the fair, and on fair day. We have a dedicated committee that ensure the fair runs smoothly and that everyone (especially those new to helping with the fair) have the information and support they need.

And most importantly - the fair is FUN! There is always a great vibe on the day, and when you volunteer you get to meet lots of others in our wonderful Owhiro Bay Learning Community.

Please put your hand up to help.


Owhiro Bay Country Fair Committee

Got a question?  Contact Kim McNicol at kim.mcnicol00@gmail.com or Amie Roberts at amie@owhiro.school.nz for fair queries.

Owhiro Bay Fair 2019

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