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Making Appointment for Drive Thru Pantry

Drive Through Pantries are designed to allow for compliance with social distancing. Please note the following Restrictions

  • Clients must arrive on campus and remain in their vehicles at all times. There will be no access to the building for restrooms or any other reason.
  • Due to the COVID-19 Public Health Statutes, NO DROP OFF clients traveling on foot can be served. 
  • One household may receive food from Forever Fed once every 2 weeks. 
  • Multiple families may share a vehicle but each family MUST have an appointment for that day's pantry to receive food.
  • Food will be disbursed only to families with appointments 
  • Social Distancing Rules will be followed. Please make sure your trunk has space for the foods you receive. Clients with non-functioning trunks will be directed to a designated area and will have to load their own foods. Please assure you have a passenger in your vehicle that can lift 20-pound boxes of food.
  • You may pick food up for a friend or neighbor who is ill if they have an appointment for a pantry. You will need to bring a copy of their picture ID and a dated signed note stating "I allow (your name) to pick up food for me today." The address on their ID must match the address given when the appointment was made.
  • You are greatly loved. Please remember God provides for our every need! We are thankful for the opportunity to serve. Kindness will rule at our events.  We reserve the right to serve appreciative clients who follow these rules with kindness.
Making Appointment for Drive Thru Pantry

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