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Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Thank you for serving at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC! We've created several "SignUps" (like a digital sign-up sheet) to help organize our volunteers on Sunday mornings. Use the SignUp links below to see what spaces are available for a given Sunday morning.

Our Sunday-morning duties are divided into four groups (or SignUps):
1. Nursery Duty for Sunday Mornings - This SignUp covers the Welcome Desk Attendant, Nursery during the Equip Hour at 9:15 am, and all our nurseries during the worship service at 10:30.
2. Equip Hour Classes - This SignUp covers the classes during the Equip Hour from preschool and elementary to youth and adults.
3. Serving on Sunday Mornings - This SignUp covers all the other volunteer positions we have on Sunday mornings: Deacons, Sound Team, Security Team, Communion Prep, etc.
4. Choir - This SignUp covers both male and female singers in the choir and instrument musicians.

Plus any special event Signups are also part of this Group Page.

Thank you for serving the body of Christ as we seek to be a family on mission together!

Redeemer Presbyterian Church

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