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VWS Advent Lunch Offerings

Over the years, children and parents have come to enjoy this warm way of showing their gratitude for their teachers' dedication and hard work.

Grade School Class Teachers

Please prepare a simple homemade warm lunch for your child's Class Teacher and deliver it fully prepared to the Grade School Reception before 12:25 pm on your chosen date. Be sure to ask about any dietary restrictions.

Grade School Additional Faculty & Staff

As a way to show appreciation for our children's Subject Teachers and Support Staff, please sign up to provide a potluck offering on any Tuesday in December.

High School

Snacks, lunches &/or desserts to be shared amongst HS Faculty & Staff may be delivered to Sarah at the High School anytime before 12:30.

Early Childhood Centre 

Paper signups will be available at your child's class.

Thank you so much!

VWS Advent Lunch Offerings