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BAHA Coaches Only Volunteer Sessions

NOTE:  You CANNOT work a shift in which you have a child playing!

In order to successfully place over 600 players into 41 teams, BAHA requires that anyone wishing to coach participate in the evaluation process - whether through shooting on goalies, helping in cascades, scrimmages etc...  All hours worked during the evaluation process will be added towards your volunteer requirements for the 2018/19 season.  Individuals chosen as Head Coach of a team will receive 2 volunteer shifts and Asst. Coaches will receive 1 - regardless, we require all coaching applicants to work a minimum of 1 Coaching Volunteer shift.  

**Please sign up for 2-3 shifts and your level director will contact you with which shift/s you will be asked to work (this is to ensure we are able to juggle the coaches to suit the age group on the ice, and their level of experience).  

BAHA Coaches Only Volunteer Sessions

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