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SMMHA Local League Tourn.Signup Jan. 5-7

1. Click on the link below (bottom of page) that pertains to you:
- If you have a child in the LL Tourn. you must do a shift at the "LL Parent's shift link". These shifts are slightly shorter.
- If you still need to work off your fundraising bond cheque- click the "Fundraising Bond Link" to work it off a the LL Tournament to get it done early. These shifts are longer and may vary due to schedule.
 - Parents with a player in LL who want to work off their fundraising bond as well, can click on the "Fundraising Bond Link". 

2. Please put an email or cell number where the Bond Coordinator can contact you if needed.

3. Reminder emails will be sent by the online sign up program reminding you of your shift you are signed up for. Please read the detail message for the shift you sign up for. 

4. If you know how and are comfortable running the timeclock, PLEASE sign up for those spots. Tournaments can not run without those spots filled. 

5.  If you have any questions, please contact Judy Greig or Tammy McCurdy at volunteerbond@smmha.ca 

Thanks so much for your support with this new SMMHA online signup program. 

SMMHA Local League Tourn.Signup Jan. 5-7

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