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St. Edwards Milford - Ministry Page

Blessings Family!   I've Archived our Spring sign-ups during this COVID19 crisis and the suspension of church activities - but I wanted to keep the link to Sign-Ups intact for future use.  I'll put out new Sign-Up schedules later once we've been given the "all clear" to resume regular Masses etc.  God bless you and know that we are praying for you and that "Our Hope Is In The Name Of The Lord, Who Made Heaven And Earth"!!!   b

This is a group Ministry Page for the family of St. Edwards who are in Helping Hands, and who Lector and are EMs.  You can find SignUps for these ministries here...  I've decided not to schedule Altar Servers this spring, since we have so few and have instituted the Adult Servers into the mix - but help is still appreciated & needed, just come ready to serve (you know who you are :)

Blessings given are blessings received - Thanks for all you do - Deacon Bill

Email = deaconbillbarr@gmail.com

Call or Text = (908) 500-8685

St. Edwards Milford - Ministry Page

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