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Caring Hearts and Voices

The philosophy of Caring Hearts & Voices is based on 2 Corinthians 1:4 where Paul speaks of God's ever loving heart who provides us comfort when we are in need, so that we can comfort others in their need.  In the founder's blog, I share of difficult times I experienced where God's love was shown to me through my husband, sons, family, friends, therapists, and through my art and music.  Music comforted me in my darkest times. Music healed me, called me by name. I heard hope and encouragement in music.  I heard God calling me through music.  Caring Hearts & Voices aims to empower others to comfort those in need with their gifts of music.

Caring Hearts & Voices is dedicated to supporting those in need through music. In serving this mission we:

  • Provide volunteer musicians for those in need at medical facilities, homeless shelters, group homes, veterans and senior centers.
  • Train volunteers as needed in preparation of volunteer assignments as musicians in medical facilities and homeless shelters
  • Provide musical entertainment for private or public events.
  • Provide musical entertainment for community events, festivals, and fundraisers
  • Host Creatives Tribal Collab events including Open Mic Nights

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Caring Hearts and Voices

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