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Los Altos Family YMCA Y Teen Leaders

Welcome to the Los Altos Family YMCA!

As a Y Teen Leader, you have the opportunity to volunteer with great program directors and coordinators, help with special events, and participate in fundraisers!

SignUp is the way you will sign up for volunteer shifts throughout your experience.

A few things to remember:  

-If you sign-up for a certain shift, we will be expecting you to show-up! Things happen, but treat this experience like a job. If you are going to be late, let Eva know. If you cannot make it, see if someone can trade shifts with you. Please don't ever "NO CONTACT, NO SHOW"

-We want you to learn new skills and succeed. If you want to know more about a program, ask the coordinator!

-Ask questions and take initiative in any tasks you are given

-If you ever have any issues, please contact Eva immediately through cell phone or email

812.327.0101  eva.blacconiere@lbymca.org

Los Altos Family YMCA Y Teen Leaders

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