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PS 321 Lunchroom Volunteers

Greetings and thank you so much for joining the lunchroom crew!  Parent volunteers are one of the things that make PS 321 such a wonderful place for your kids, and interacting with the kids in the lunchroom is a particularly rewarding experience.

Parents volunteers in the lunchroom are essential to ensuring a restorative and efficient lunch period.  Help is needed with everything from opening lunch containers for the younger classes, staffing the salad bar which is unavailable without parental help, and providing guidance with recycling to ensure an efficient and green clean up.  Lunchroom Volunteers are coordinated via the linked signup.com calendars (this year, organized by lunchroom period).  Further information on what lunchroom volunteers do can be found here: https://ps321.org/lunch-and-recess-helpers/.  

If you have any questions or comments on the lunchroom, please do not hesitate to contact the lunchroom coordinator (Yvonne) at 321lunchroomvolunteers@gmail.com

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