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Fall Stadium Concessions 2022

Blair Athletics and the Booster Club need your help with Concessions.  Concessions is one of the main sources of funding for our Booster Club.  The money we raise in concessions goes to support ALL Blair Sports.  This year we are requiring every family donate their time to at least 1 concession event.  it does NOT need to be in the sport your child is participating in.  This will also be 1 event per season.  If you student participates in sports all 3 seasons then you will be required to sign up for 3 events throughout the year.  We especially need LOTS of volunteers during football games with concessions AND apparel sales.  This year all outdoor concessions will be in the concessions stand to make it more streamlined and allows us to offer more food options.  However, keep this in mind when signing up for a game.  You will not be able to see the game while you are working.  Thank you in advance for helping support the Blair Booster Athletic Association.

Fall Stadium Concessions 2022

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