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GSA Volunteer Duty 2017-18

Please read through the following procedures before signing up for volunteer duty. If you have any questions, please contact administration@georgetownsoccer.org.

1) Please log your hours using the Volunteer Book.  We will not be using the google form on the iPad for Spring 2018.

2) We have an iPad Point of Sale system to replace our cash drawer in Concessions. Please arrive 5 minutes before your shift begins so you can be trained on the new system if you do not know how to use it.

3) Children 15 years and younger are not permitted to help with concessions due to the new Point of Sale system and inventory tracking.

4) If you are the first shift of the day in concessions, please follow the posted opening procedures to set up the concession stand. If you are the last shift of the day, please follow the closing procedures before you leave.

5) Volunteer spots may be cancelled after being scheduled, for example, because of bad weather. If that happens to your spot, return to this link to sign up for another opportunity.

GSA Volunteer Duty 2017-18

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