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Oxley State School Fete

Thank you for your support: Every volunteer hour equates to up to $100 raised. 

The Oxley State School Fete is shaping up to be a fantastic event with rides, live music, great food, a bar, low cost & free children’s activities, sports club demonstrations, an ABC gardener hosting a ticketed event and a WORLD RECORD BUSHDANCE ATTEMPT.  This event has the potential to raise significant funds for the school but its success is determined by the amount of volunteer support received.

Each year level is responsible for holding a stall and we need conveners and volunteers.

  • Prep: Twisty potato sticks, pies, sausage rolls
  • Year 1: BBQ – hamburgers, sausage sizzle
  • Year 2: Plant Stall
  • Year 3: Children’s Craft Stall 
  • Year 4: Cake & Jam Stall
  • Year 5: Curry House
  • Year 6: Choc Toss & Angry Bird Stall

In addition we have the second hand stall, slushie and fairy floss, and ride tickets stall.  We also need help with set up and pack up. 

Please note: you can assist on any stall 

Oxley State School Fete

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