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Sign Up for Services

It is required to sign up in advance for every minyan that you plan to attend. And if you do sign up we are COUNTING ON YOU to attend. 

Services at 20 Greenridge will be outdoors unless it is raining, in which case there is space set up indoors with chairs 12 feet apart. Services at Backyard Locations will be outdoors only. If it is raining, the service will be cancelled.

Please come on time. We are a small group and want to start with everyone there. 

If you are not feeling well, please stay home. 

Remember your masks, we will not allow you to stay without a mask. You may remove your mask while seated in your seat, but ONLY then. Masks MUST be worn while walking around.

Bring your own siddurim and chumashim. 

Chairs have been set up 8 ft apart. 

No congregating or socializing before or after davening.

Sign Up for Services

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