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Wine Riot Volunteers

Thanks for checking out the volunteer opportunities with Wine Riot! Here are a few things to know about this event as it pertains to volunteering with us:

- Volunteers MUST be at least 21 years old at the time of the event. NO EXCEPTIONS.

- Volunteers are NOT allowed to drink while volunteering. You will be dismissed and forfeit your complimentary tickets.

- Each Wine Riot has three guest sessions, which are exactly the same. Volunteers may attend ONE guest session: Friday, 7-10pm; Saturday, 2-5pm; Saturday, 7-10pm

- Volunteers earn ONE free ticket in exchange for ONE volunteer shift. Volunteers can earn a MAX of two free tickets in exchange for two volunteer shifts. Because Saturday sessions tend to be our busiest, we offer an extra incentive for those who volunteer for Saturday shifts. Saturday volunteers ONLY will earn TWO free tickets in exchange for ONE Saturday shift. 

- However, Saturday volunteers must provide credit or debit card info when retrieving their tickets if their volunteer shift happens AFTER the session they will attend as a guest. This is to ensure that volunteers attend their scheduled volunteer shift. After successful completion of the volunteer shift, credit or debit card info will be permanently deleted. If a volunteer does not attend the scheduled volunteer shift, the credit or debit card will be charged the full value of the ticket. 

- Tickets may be retrieved from Diamond at the event venue starting on the Friday of the event. Tickets may also be retrieved right at the beginning of the selected guest session. Credit and debit info will be collected at this time as it applies. 

Wine Riot Volunteers

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