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Pleasant Valley Cubs

Welcome to the 2017 season for the Pleasant Valley Cubs!!!!

I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to fulfill my work-bond requirements. I verify that I have obligated myself to the agreed upon time and or food donation. I fully understand that if I do not complete my obligations entirely, I will be forfeiting my work bond check to be cashed by the Pleasant Valley Cubs Organization. I will be given the courtesy to attempt to switch a position/shift with another member at my own seeking and with the executive board's approval. Any and All changes must be made and approved by the board at least One Week Prior to the date listed above. If you neglect to fulfill a food donation slot that you are signed up for at any time during the season you are automatically forfeiting your remaining food donations for the year.
I understand that I am obligated to fulfill these requirements regardless of my child's attendance.

Pleasant Valley Cubs

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