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St. Cecilia’s Advent Giving Tree

This year our VIRTUAL Advent Giving Tree has arrived! Your gift will bring tidings of comfort and joy this Christmas to many people in our neighborhood.

The Giving Tree is in the church but this year ALL gift requests will be completed using this virtual method unlike previous years with tags on the tree.  Last year, over 1,000 gifts were donated so let’s set a new record! There are so many people and agencies in need this year and the recipients will be grateful for any gift.

This year, gifts will not be collected at the church. You will be sending your gifts directly to the agencies in need.


  • Select your gift(s) and follow instructions for shipping. Be sure to include the listed c/o (‘in care of’) information.
  • For Gift Cards choose a physical card vs. an ‘E-card’ (electronic) card. (Project Hope is an exception to this rule)
  • Any online seller can be used to purchase and ship the gift, or you may purchase the gift at a store and mail it.
  • Please order and ship gifts so they will arrive before December 19th.
  • For those without internet access or those last-minute shoppers out there, you can drop off gift cards only at the parish at the 5:00 PM Saturday Mass or 11:30 AM Sunday Mass.

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