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Haiku Hoolaulea & Flower Festival 2019

Our volunteers make this festival possible! From our fantastic committee who works for months in advance, to the folks who work the day of the event – every person is valued and appreciated.

Why Volunteer?
Your participation in this event is essential to the success of the Haiku Ho’olaule’a & Flower Festival.  Many of the programs that enrich Haiku Boys & Girls Club and Haiku School, and help our young people excel, would not be possible without the fundraising efforts and commitment of you and other volunteers.  Unless this event is successful, the programs that add to our children’s educational experience will either be cut or funding will be greatly reduced.

Many in our community are not aware of the extent to which the Haiku School PTA supplements the funds from the Department of Education to add enrichment classes, music, art, creative movement, drama, ukulele lessons, technology, school events, field trips, software, provide extra supplies for Teachers and students, and enhance our school.

THIS EVENT CANNOT BE SUCCESSFUL UNLESS YOU VOLUNTEER TO HELP ON THE DAY OF THE FESTIVAL.  This is a community effort for our children, and everyone in the community is welcome to volunteer. This event can only be a success with our entire community joining together and helping. Please consider signing up for a 2-3 hour shift.

This year we are asking parents to volunteer by the grade your child is currently in. Why?  Let's come together as grades and get to know your fellow classmates and their families.  We are all in this together and volunteering can be fun and a great way to meet new friends **This is not necessary.  Grade Responsibilities are as following:

Kindergarten- Bake Sale & Refreshments

1st Grade- Games/KauKa

2nd- PTA Kau Kau

3rd-Set up and Break Down

4th-Small Games & Merchandise 

5th- Farmers Market & Book Sales

Haiku Hoolaulea & Flower Festival 2019

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