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2020 BOB Fest Volunteers

2020 BOB Fest Volunteers

Event Date: Jan 18, 2020 at Windsor Castle Park. Remember there is a 8K Race that starts at 9:00 am. Please arrive on site 20-30 minutes before your shift so you can get parked & checked in. Let the VFW people know that you are a volunteer & they will guide you. There are golf carts running from parking if you want to catch a ride.

Report to the Volunteer Check In, inside HQ/Command Center. Find your group’s clipboard & SIGN IN, do not sign in prior to your allotted time unless asked to. After signing in please report to the volunteer holding area. This event is held inside large heated tents, but pending outside temperature, it can still be chilly inside. Dressing in layers, with comfortable footwear is suggested.

Your group will receive a donation, therefore do not receive tickets/shirts. Due to limited space in the tents, you may not stay in the tents after your shift. At the end of your shift, please sign out to get full credit for your time. You may NOT consume alcohol before/during your shift. We feed volunteers that work the day of the event after they sign out & after working their shift. The Volunteer Food is located in large red SVAE storage barn. There will be event food (Oysters, BBQ, Brunswick Stew) plus some healthy snacks.

Please review the event website & site map prior to coming to work at the fest: www.SmithfieldVAEvents.com

DEADLINE TO SIGN UP: Sunday, Dec 8! If you have questions/trouble signing up, contact your group leader or email Jeff Phelps at Volunteer@SmithfieldVAEvents.com or call/text 757-675-6893.

2020 BOB Fest Volunteers