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AppleFest 2019

Thank you for volunteering for AppleFest 2019.  Please see shifts below to sign up.

St. Lawrence School families:

(2) - 4 hr. shifts per family

St. Lawrence Fall athletic families:

(2) - 4 hr. shifts per family

- if your child is enrolled at St. Lawrence school AND plays a Fall sport, the requirement is still - (2) - 4 hr. shifts per family

* Required school and athletic shift requirements mentioned above, must be worked by an adult 18 or older to receive proper credit.


Please check-in at the volunteer check-in booth located in the main tent before reporting to  your shift(s).  All Vegas workers can report directly to the Knights of Columbus hall for both check-in and check-out.


At the  conclusion of your shift, you will receive a check-out coupon from the chairperson of your area.  Please fill out the card and return it to the check-out booth located in the main tent.  Failure to do so can result in non credit for hours worked.  This applies to all SLS school families and athletic families only.

Please contact applefestvolunteer@yahoo.com with any questions or problems.

AppleFest 2019

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