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PHAST Committees Sign Ups

This page is for those on PHAST Committees to sign up and help at places where we need the PHAST Board and Committees Presence, you can also log your volunteer hours here. Committee Chairs please share this page of sign ups with your committees when new sign ups become available. Thank you!

SignUp.com is free to use and you do not need an account to sign up for items. If you wish to give PHAST permission to email you updates, access reports on your volunteer hours and log your hours you will need to create a free account. It's fast and simple and easy to use on any electronic device.

To see what is needed in other schools or individual classrooms follow the links below.

*Elementary Needs* 

*Junior High Needs*

*High School Needs*

*Individual Classroom Needs* (Not Available Yet)

What counts for volunteer hours?

-If you have your child help you make the meal that is double the volunteer hours.

-Time spent purchasing, making, and transporting the donated items all count towards Volunteer Hours.

**Purchase items using Amazon Smile or with your Smiths Rewards donates money to the school.

***PLEASE log your Volunteer Hours. If we average 40 hours per family a year, we will receive grant money that our schools can really use. We don't get that money if hours are not logged.

PHAST Committees Sign Ups