Holiday Season 2020: Alternative Options for Celebrating

‘Tis the season... with a social distancing twist this year! It’s time to get creative and start planning for a one-of-a-kind holiday season. We’ve gathered 10 festive ideas for alternative ways to celebrate Christmas and New Year's -- spreading holiday cheer with safety top of mind.

safe and fun fall gatherings during covid-19

1. Skip it all and go camping. (This one’s especially great for introverts that dread the huge get-togethers every year!) Savor the (valid) excuse to bow out of in-person holidays this year and head to your favorite camping spot instead.

2. Find ways to pay it forward. Doing GOOD is always a great way to boost the spirit of others... and yourself! Spread holiday cheer this year by virtually volunteering from home, getting involved with mutual aid in your community, organizing a socially-distanced neighborhood cleanup, or planning a Giving Tree for families in need.

3. Show your gratitude at home and in your neighborhood. Make homemade treats, greeting cards, or other holiday crafts to leave at neighbors’ doors with a message of thankfulness attached.

4. Make an untraditional holiday meal for yourself. With group gatherings not recommended, this year you don’t have to worry about traditions and pleasing everyone – it’s your year to have your favorite meal for Christmas! Mexican fiesta? Sure! Italian festa? Do it! French fête? Why not?

5. Zoom with loved ones. It could be your biggest Christmas ever if you want to spend the day Zooming with friends and family across the country – skip making 20 pies and make 20 zoom calls instead for some quality face time! Don't want to skip the annual girlfriends brunch on New Year's Day? Make it a virtual event this year!

6. Host Zoom trivia or game night. Want to get everyone together virtually at the same time for some holiday madness fun? Schedule a party time on Zoom to watch the same holiday movie together, complete with pausing and trivia. Or skip the movie altogether and host a virtual holiday trivia competition or another game that everyone can play.

7. Plan a socially-distanced backyard gathering. If you must get the family together in-person this holiday season (Note: the CDC recommends celebrating at home with only the people who live with you), make it an outdoor event. Use SignUp to set up party shifts to manage the headcount at any given time and follow these other general tips for keeping yourself and your guests safe.

8. Get dressed up and hold a photo shoot (or take selfies). Get in the festive mood by getting dolled up and having a photo session with your roommate, your dog or yourself!

9. Decorate. Most years, many of us don't have time to deck the halls – this year, we have more time on our hands than we know what to do with. Take advantage of your time at home and turn your living quarters into a winter wonderland or candy cane world with decorations.

10. Watch the virtual Times Square ball drop. This year we'll all be watching from afar, but initiate a virtual watch party with your besties and countdown to 2021 together – this is going to be your year!

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