Fun & Thoughtful Ideas for Workplace Holiday Gifts (That Won't Break the Bank)

Spread Holiday Cheer with These Classic & Novel Gifts for Co-Workers

It’s a balancing act. You want to give your co-workers a little something at the holidays, but you don’t want them to feel obligated to give you something in return and you don't want to break the bank. Check out our 25+ fun and thoughtful gifts for under $15 that will help you spread holiday cheer!

Thoughtful Ideas for Workplace Holiday Gifts

Classic Gifts

1. Tea: Give a travel tin of tea bags or a box of your favorite herbal tea for an aromatic warm-up this winter. 

2. Chocolate: You just can’t go wrong with chocolate – if your co-worker doesn’t eat it, chances are he knows someone who does. 

3. Hot Sauce: Gift the firebrand in your office some serious heat with a collection of hot sauces.  

4. Aromatherapy: Therapeutic-grade essential oils or candles in holiday scents are a lovely way to celebrate the season.  

5. Cookies:  Give a small package of adorable holiday cookies, or bake your own. Print our super cute cookie gift tags to complete your gift.  

6. Themed Socks:  You can find just about any kind of themed sock on Amazon.com to fit a co-workers interests. For example, if you have a co-worker that loves cats, searching for "cat socks" provides you with limitless options.    

7. Lip Balm or Lotion: For the office mate who suffers from the dry heated office air, a set of mini lip balms or a tube of luxurious hand lotion might be just the ticket – or gift both with a Burt's Bees gift set!

8. Stress Ball or Desktop Punching Bag: Who hasn't had one of those days? Give your co-worker a simple yet effective way to relieve their stress.

Fun-in-the-Office Gifts

1. Desktop Cornhole: For the game lover of the office crew, this present is perfect for break time play or fun and stress relief anytime.

2. Fillable Ornaments (aka Booze Balls): Fill these with booze or your popular holiday cocktail, and include a handful for encouraging sharing with other co-workers.

3. Hacky Sack: Spark some fun in the office with nostalgic childhood toy – suggest a hacky sack-off between co-workers! 

4. Happy Hour Kit: Make a box full of goodies for in-office happy hour with things like small bottles of liquor or a cocktail mix, pretzels or cocktail crackers, and a party noisemaker.

5. Funny Notepads: Put a smile on your co-worker's and face with cheeky memo pads like these.

6. Puzzle: Choose a mind-bending 3D puzzle for the co-worker that loves a challenge, or gift a massive puzzle that the whole team can help with.

7. Adult Coloring Book: Another great stress-relieving and fun-in-the-office gift – present your co-worker with an adult coloring book and a set of crayons.

8. The Office Pranks Coupon Book: If you're into pranks and know a co-worker that equally enjoys them, make a coupon book of Jim Halpert pranks (from the TV show) and present them to your work buddy, to be redeemed when they're in need of a laugh.

Personalized Gifts

1. Custom Stationery: Personalized stationery is not nearly as expensive as it seems. Order and give to the coworker who never fails to send handwritten thanks and encouragement.

2. Dog Treats: For the dog lover in the office, bake or buy festive dog treats in holiday-themed or breed-specific shapes. 

3. Luggage Tags: For the traveling sales team, give unique luggage tags to help speed up the baggage claim process. 

4. Appreciation Certificate: Print and frame a certificate of gratitude to the co-worker that always goes above and beyond, that keeps the office team laughing, or that steps up as a leader when it's needed.

5. Coffee Cup or Tumbler: Give your snarky coffee drinker co-worker a way to enjoy their daily coffee while showing a bit of their personality with a novelty cup or mug, like this one that's perfect for haters of pointless meetings or this mug for the Chaos Coordinator of the office.

6. Custom Rubber Stamp: Order a personalized rubber stamp with your co-workers name and/or title, the company logo, their favorite animal, or something else that they are known for throughout the workplace. 

Practical Gifts

1. Desktop Fan or Mini Heater: For the employee that never seems to be comfortable with the office temperature, a mini fan or heater, or portable hand warmer is the ideal gift.    

2. Folding Foot Stool: The shorty in the office will appreciate a collapsible foot stool for times they find themselves in tall chairs or need to grab something from that top shelf in the kitchen.    

3. Bento Box: The employee that brings their own lunch to work everyday will love this gift!    

4. Inspirational Mouse Pad: Combine the need for a mouse pad with inspiration or a reminder of how valued your co-worker is to you. 

5. Desk Plant: Introducing natural elements to your office environment improves workplace happiness – gift a small succulent that's easy to care for, or give a unique plant that sparks conversation amongst co-workers.

6. Motivational Pen Set: Provide motivation (and a writing tool!) throughout the workday with a set of inspirational pens.

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