Ideas for Safe & Fun Fall Gatherings

Celebrate Fall with Family & Friends 

The Fall season was made for campfires, Sunday drives in the country, all things pumpkin, and time with loved ones getting cozy. Keeping pandemic precautions in mind, Fall gatherings this year may require some creative planning – and we’re here to help spark some ideas!

safe and fun fall gatherings during covid-19

Hosting at Home or in Your Neighborhood

If the idea of gathering outside of your neighborhood is still a bit intimidating, this first list of suggestions is for you! Deck your yard and house with Fall decor, then use SignUp to invite guests and have them choose a time block to attend your gathering (to limit the number of attendees at one time). Here are some fun get-togethers to consider:

  • Host a Fall movie night. Set up a screen or sheet in the backyard with a projector and play your favorite Fall movie.

  • Throw a Fall-themed or Halloween-themed picnic or dance party in your yard or at the local park. Invite friends and family and tell them to bring their own blankets and picnic baskets.

  • Camp out in your backyard or in the woods behind your house – invite a few friends or family members to pitch their own tents.

  • Organize a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood with Fall-themed finds on the scavenge list. 

  • It’s football season! Gather for a spread-out tailgate, bring lawn chairs and blast the game on the radio or project it on an outdoor screen.

  • Entertain guests with an apple cider “tea” party – serve pumpkin scones, fall leaf cutout cookies, and kettle corn.

No matter what type of gathering you host, you’ll need some fun activities for you and your guests.

  • Tell ghost stories by the campfire or fire pit.

  • Carve or decorate pumpkins.

  • Make homemade candy apples.

  • Make your own Halloween costumes.

  • Indulge in all things pumpkin spice. (How many different things can you try? Latte, beer, cocktails – with a quick Google search you’ll find new recipes to add to the mix.)

  • Decorate homemade cupcakes with Fall or Halloween-themed cupcake wraps.

PRO TIP: For Halloween this year, mix it up – rather than going door-to-door trick-or-treating, consider one of these alternatives to your traditional Halloween activities.

Gathering Away From Home

Meet your friends for some festive Fall fun! Check out your local options and be sure to call ahead or get online to see if reservations are required. Think:

  • Pumpkin patch

  • Apple orchard

  • Corn maze

  • Hayride

  • Farmer’s Market

  • Ziplining (perfect weather, beautiful Fall tree tops)

PRO TIP: Get more bang for your buck by finding a farm in your area that offers multiple activities – then make a day of it!


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