Online SignUps for SMBs & Freelancers

Run Your Business More Efficiently with SignUp’s FREE Scheduling Software

Starting up and running your own business – it’s exciting, but can be tough! When it comes to all-things scheduling for your business, let SignUp take care of the busywork while you focus on more important things. Whether your goal is to run a small business that employs local talent or to set yourself up as a professional freelancer, we've got your back! (Pro Tip: SignUp helps streamline day-to-day happenings and special events in office environments, too – here's how! )

Free Online SignUps: Scheduling Software for Small Business & Freelancers

SignUps for SMBs

SignUp’s free scheduling app saves you time and puts an end to the stressful rigmarole typically involved in planning workplace activities. Whether you run a spa or salon, a small bakery, a flower shop, a martial arts studio, a cleaning company, an automotive shop, a landscaping business, or something else – use online SignUps to coordinate: 

  • Break room cleaning shifts

  • Customer consultations, appointments, classes, etc.

  • Employee appreciation measures

  • Money collection for group gifts

  • New-hire interviews

  • Performance feedback meetings

  • Staff training sessions

  • Team building events

  • Volunteer outings and service projects

  • Work shift schedules

  • Workplace social events

  • Occupancy management during fluctuating pandemic precautions

Freelance Photographer

SignUps for Freelancers

SignUp is also a lifesaver for freelancers of all types – photographers, fitness trainers, cake artists, tax prep assistants, graphic designers, web developers, masseuses, tutors, musical instructors, physical or speech therapists, whatever you may specialize in. Free online SignUps are perfect for managing:

  • Appointments, classes, lessons, or sessions

  • Client meetings

  • Customer consultations

  • Customer pick-ups

  • Payment collection (via Stripe or Paypal)

Run your business smarter by ditching outdated scheduling processes like back-and-forth phone calls and emails! With convenient and simple online SignUps, participants can sign up 24/7 from any device and are never required to register or login to book with you. Customers, clients, and employees alike will appreciate your easy-to-use SignUps! And with eCalendar syncing and automated reminders, you can trust that everyone will stay on track.

SignUps for SMBs and Freelancers

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