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Brilliant! Just signed up - and even for a computer idiot like me it was easy!
~Alex, 3rd Grade Parent, Washington, D.C.

<h2>Top 3 Ways VolunteerSpot makes parent participation easier</h2><ol><li><span class="regtext">Schedule and sign up parents - fast, easy and FREE!</span></li><li><span class="regtext">Save time planning and coordinating (up to 85% faster than clipboards, online groups, phone tag and reply-all email!)</span></li><li><span class="regtext">Automated reminders increase parent turnout</span></li></ol><hr><div class="ebooktext">Calling all teachers, room parents, and PTA/PTO committee chairs -VolunteerSpot's online sign up sheets and sign up forms save time and make it easy to get more parents involved at school! Using our simple planning wizard, quickly create calendar sign up sheets and get parents signed up to help with school carnivals, classroom activities and parties, silent auction baskets, boosters and concessions stand fundraisers, cafeteria and library assistants, the snack schedule and more. Teachers - VolunteerSpot's free tool is great for scheduling parent-teacher conferences. We believe that most parents want to help and be involved, they just need to be asked. Please try our live demo (to the right) to see how easy it is to sign up to help using VolunteerSpot.<p><a href="/volunteerspot/ebooks/roommom">The Room Mom's Survival Guide</a><br><a href="/volunteerspot/ebooks/TeacherGifts">The Greatest Gifts for Teachers</a></p></div><p>&nbsp;</p>

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